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  • The Original Ray Griffith Pecan Gatherer, invented in 1956

Ray Griffith Pecan Picker Head

Ray Griffith Pecan Gatherer

Invented and Manufactured in the United States

Directional, Replaceable Center Section Wear Part

Our business is servicing a seasonal crop...You call, We Ship

Why Choose Ray Griffith Brand

The first tool we made was a rake configration. It worked fine....On a carpet floor. Unfortunately, we had to discard truck loads of these untested tools. It was a leason learned.

Nuts fall with leaves, tree limbs, in the dirt and in different directions.

Pecans, walnuts, hazelnuts are not round objects. They are oblong, many with husk.

This tool is directional and can work in all terrains.

We appreciate your support of American Tool Makers

Shotgun Style

Just a little help.

For just a little more, the Shotgun side release gives the picker the option of using a variety of containers, tarps, etc.

This is a new patent pending innovation that can only be purchased with the Ray Griffith Brand

This tool is directional and can work in all terrains.

Please buy USA, we need the jobs, we need the business.


Replaceable Center Section Wear Part

Of course the Center Section Wear Part will need to be replaced after reasonable use.

This wire in this part is made from spring steel. Yes, the same steel used in making springs.

Folks buy these parts by the dozen as they pickup thousands of pounds of nuts.

Be conservative. Use stuff until it wears out.

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