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  • The Original Ray Griffith Pecan Gatherer, invented in 1956

Original Pecan Gatherer

Pecans fall with leaves, limbs, etc. not on carpet like grass. This tool is designed to meet all conditions and is a proven tool since 1956.

Light weight, directional, precision to align pecans in all terrain, with side unload. This gatherer is a proven tough and effective tool and will gatherer thousands of pound of nuts.

This tool is the best scrapper as pecans are down in the grass and leaves

United States steel, North Carolina handles, made by the inventor and Mississippi toolmaker since 1956.

Note: To make this tool more affordable we have shortened the online product's handle to 30", because USPS charges 15 dollars extra for a box over 30 inches.

Specifications: Head 4 1/2" x 4 1/2" x 5", Handle Pine North Carolina made 32" Weight 1 lb, 3 oz

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YouTube video of how to pickup pecans with a pecan picker
American made, American Steel, American Quality

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